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First and foremost, we believe in working horses  mentally.


We believe that emotional teaching is very important for all horses to have in their teaching programs. We work with horses to cause our idea to become their idea through a “willingness of their minds” connected with us. Finding the motivator for each horse individually is key to the success of understanding horses.

Cathy believes that working horses without any fear present is the only way for horses to have retention of what we teach them. To schedule your one-on-one lesson or clinics with Cathy from Trusting Hands.

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“Using the natural instinct of the horse’s mind, to convey my thought to the horse through guidance and support. Replacing fear and intimidation.”

Cathy has the gift

Trusting Hands can teach you how to connect in a way you only dreamed possible in the past.

J. Anderson

Cathy was a God send to me.

When she works with a horse and you, she explains each thing that is happening at the time it is happening.  From a blink of the horses eye to the switch of the tail, to just standing still. She also explains her actions and what they mean.

Lori B.

You are an inspiration

“Thank you for the very informative demo/lecture.  You are an inspiration.  I received many calls the next morning of what a marvelous and educational demo.  I would like to have you back next year for our Equine Seminar.  Thanks again.”

Mary E./Purina Mills Demo

We were excited and inspired

“As newcomers to the horse world, we were excited and inspired by Cathy’s detailed, easy-to-understand explanations and demonstrations of not only what to do with our horse, but how and why.”

M. and D. Alfuth