Cathy at Trusting Hands works with both the horse and the rider to develop a "oneness" of communication that starts with liberty work in the round pen.



  • 28 Years of Professional Training
  • Studied under natural Horsemanship
  • Classical Dressage arenas with Major Anders Lindgren & Mary Beth Schuster
  • Trained with Lori Mangan - Arabian Class A Circuit (leasing the winningest Half-Arabian in U.S. and Candian Nationals
  • Featured for a year and a half on Equestrian Edition TV program as the Amateur Rider of the Year in Minneapolis with Merit of Honor Horse Gorgeous Georgia (GG)
  • Pat Parelli corral leader for NW Montana
  • John Lyons Certified Trainer
  • Have taught several body fitness/awareness classes over the last 10 years in the midwest.
  • A writer for horse magazines, including but not limited to:
    Natural Horse, Horse Sense, Horse Power, The Mane Edition, Eastern Equerry, Horse & Family, Horse N Around.
  • Worked with Purina Mills Inc. holding lectures and demos for the company

Studied 9 1/2 years traveling with personal horses to study with Internationally known horseman and woman, including but not limited to:

  • Studied one-on-one with Craig Cameron, Larry Mahan, Dennis Reis and Leslie Desmond in Texas, Montana and Colorado
  • Studied with Chris Cox, Bryan Neubert, Dr. Deb Bennett, Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Mark Rashid, Joe Walter, Mike Beck in several western states.
  • Apprenticed under numerous clinicians one-on-one for 5 seasons in west and south west states
  • Studied barefoot trimming with Pete Ramey, Randy Hensley & Garry for more than 15 years
  • Studied chiropractic Care for horses with Dr. Dave Semons in Colorado & Dr. Sara Currell-Graber D.C.O.F.A., Jack Meagher, Sports Therapist
  • Currently studying with Harry Whitney and Ross Jacobs
  • Studied with Chas Weldon about Saddle making in his shop in Billings. Chas saddle was the tack (leather goods) maker for "The Horse Whisperer" movie.
  • Have studied with numerous clinicians with natural horsemanship roping techniques including Buck Brannaman, Dennis Reis, Curt Pate, Craig Cameron and Doyle Parker.
  • Apprenticed with nationally known cattlemen and horseman in western states. 2 seasons in Fossil Oregon.
  • Studied with Peggy Cummings, Mary Midkiff & Sally Swift with body awareness/fitness.

Cathy has studied horsemanship for seven seasons with Buck Brannaman, technical advisor to Robert Redford while filming "The Horse Whisperer"

Horses talk through "body language" to each other.  Similar to us talking through our English language.  Horse's language is "body language".  So Cathy believes that it is best to start out the relationship with our horses, by communicating with them in the only language they know.  Body language.

Her philosphy is to work the mind of the horse first and formost.  Cathy has a gift of working with horses to develop them from the inside out.  Her physical teaching employes working the horse from the hindquarters forward.  With collection being the focus from the very start of their education.

Cathy spent much of her younger years studying with numerous natural clinicians plus the Classical Dressage arena clinicians.  She comes from a background of much diverse study. This has become her foundation to build her own tried and true method with horses.  Her focus is always to help the horse understand first mentally, then emotionally and lastly physically.  Actually it is our responsibility to change our presentation to be more clear in our communication, if the horse does not understand.  It is never the horse who would need to understand us.  Never.

Cathy has a heart desire to produce a natural healthy Classical Dressage horse in her quest to becoming the best teacher she can be. The focus is always what is best for the horse.   Trusting Hands is always on horse time.  Cathy  teachs "the whole horse" concept.  Looking at every aspect and part of the horse, that creates the whole picture of soundness, contentment and joy in the horse and rider.  By creating a custom saddle that fits, to balanced barefoot trimming, a balanced rider position, teaching rider exercises, how to ride by priority, to nutrition & "combined training" for the horses mental strengthening & creating a "back mover" horse, instead of the leg mover horse, better known as self-carriage and balanced.

Creating a contented, healthy, well rounded, high level performance horse has always been Cathy's focus, with teachings from both the natural and classical dressage arenas.

So if you would like to study with someone who sees things from the horse's point of view-then Cathy is your teacher.

Cathy says:
"I want to help you have fun, stay safe (replace ANY fear) increase your wisdom/knowledge and put the JOY back into your riding!"

Happy is the man who finds wisdom, And the man who gains understanding; For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver and her gain than fine gold.
Proverbs 3:13 - 14