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Programs/Services offered by Trusting Hands:

  • Clinics                                           * Horse Aerobic Classes
  • Lessons                                                  (for the rider)
  • Evaluation/Accessing horses   *Certified Apprenticeship Program

Things you will learn at Cathy’s Clinics:

-Create a mental connection & responsiveness that will carry through in ALL areas of your riding

-Learn trusting hand positions on the reins, sure to change the way your ride forever!

- Replace fear with curiosity & confidence in both horse & rider

-Improve your awareness of feel, timing and balance

-Develop relaxed rhythmic gaits from both the Classical Dressage arena and Natural Horsemanship schools of thought.

-Implementing collection through successful engagement/half-halts & self-carriage

-You will develop the true horse person from within yourself...just waiting to be taught how to implement all these key elements!



Cathy teaching Cocao Collection
Cathy teaching Cocao Collection

Certified Apprenticeship Program

Teaching you to teach your horse!

This program is for folks who have a desire to learn the nuts and bolts of teaching their own horses. We all know about "training/month" where the horse is dropped off and picked up after the trainer works the owner's horses, right?  Well, this program is for students who want to know how to ride their horse...from the ground up....w/lasting results, cause the student is taught right with the owner/student.  No more dropping off...picking up!

Testimonies from current certified Apprenticeship Program

I want to THANK YOU Cathy, for giving me the tools and confidence to play with my horse again. Both of us have learned SO MUCH with your teaching. You truly have a gift. I now know that Red and I can be the team I always wanted us to be. We have both started on the journey that should have happened 7 years ago. Thanks again for restarting both of us!!!

Cathy, wanted to let you know how much I am thankful for all you have taught me in this very short amount of time! You have been very patient, extremely knowledgable, and above all, encouraging! My confidence level has grown tenfold! Thank you again for helping Crickett and I connect on a level I only dreamed of!

ENJOY the ride!




Contact Cathy at: 507-370-(RIDE)  or